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Sunrax is a range of solution-dyed acrylic fabrics.

Sunrax is a brand of Candor Textiles

With more than 48 years of pioneering excellence in the textile industry, we have engineered the art of giving our customers exactly what they want.

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We heard you!

How we at Candor came up with Sunrax

It all began with a clear understanding of the challenge our customers were facing with traditional fabrics, especially when it comes to outdoor spaces.

We realized that fading, UV damage, and wear were persistent issues that left outdoor fabrics looking lackluster and in constant need of replacement. 

The relentless assault of the sun, weather, and time on traditional fabrics was depriving people of the vibrant and enduring spaces they envisioned. 

The process of making


In response, we set out to develop a solution that would transform the outdoor fabric industry. 

We wanted to offer fabrics that could withstand the harshest elements and still maintain their brilliance. 

Fabrics that wouldn't just meet our customers' expectations but would far exceed them. 

And that's how Sunrax was born. 

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